Ultrasound cleaning

Using machine to make ultrasound vibration witch helps dead sells come out from your skin. Includes face rinsing, ultrasound cleaning, moisture cream, massage. 45min pris: 890kr


With small needles inserting products to skin (special machine) Good for skin pigmentation, wrinkles, dehydrated skin, acne scars, stretch marks, loose skin. Includes: skin rinsing, skin peel, microneedling with special machine, moisture cream, massage. 1h 2100kr

Chemical peel

Special liquid (acid) witch helps to remove old, dirty skin layer. Includes: rinsing, peel, cream, massage. 45min 1100kr.

Plasma pen

With machine witch producing led light we activate skin collagen in areas witch lost elastic layer for the skin. We can reduce acne scars, stretch marks, lift eyelids by plasma machine. 40min price: small area 1500kr, medium 1999kr, big 2999kr